Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Homicide victim had answered call for dominatrix

A convicted sex offender charged in the murder and dismemberment of a West Allis woman in his apartment last week met his victim after calling an escort service and requesting a dominatrix, according to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday.

Keith Addy Did It

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State of Wisconsin vs. Keith Michael Addy

Milwaukee County Case Number 2003CF001468
Court Record Events

Date Event Court Official Court Reporter
1 03-11-2003 Complaint filed
Additional Text:


2 03-11-2003 Initial appearance Valenti, John J Schoor, Katherine
Additional Text:
Defendant Keith Michael Addy in court with attorney Jerome F Buting. Defendant Keith Michael Addy in custody. Nancy A Noet appeared for the State of Wisconsin. Defendant given a copy of complaint and advised of maximum penalties, right to counsel and right to a preliminary hearing. Court reviewed complaint and found probable cause to hold defendant for further proceedings. DEFENDANT DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR PUBLIC DEFENDER REPRESENTATION. Defendant is advised this case is assigned to Judge Sankovitz, Branch 29.
Case is adjourned for preliminary hearing in Branch PE.


3 03-11-2003 Change of address notification Valenti, John J Schoor, Katherine
Additional Text:
Defendant informs the court that the address in the complaint is current.
Current telephone: none


4 03-11-2003 Cash bond set Valenti, John J Schoor, Katherine
$ 1000000.00


5 03-11-2003 Notes Valenti, John J Schoor, Katherine
Additional Text:
Preliminary hearing scheduled for 03-21-2003 at 08:30 am.

Monday, March 10, 2003

What is it about West Allis:
Jeff Dahmer lived in West Allis for awhile

Erin Cottrell "thought he was dreaming" when he attempted to murder his wife

Reinier Ravesteijn In Braun's case, the complaint says, Ravesteijn didn't see how his own actions led to his undoing. He used his own cell phone to have Braun contact a family member to say she had been kidnapped, and he later sent e-mails from an Internet cafe in West Allis, the complaint said...She was fed just one meal a day - a cheeseburger and orange juice - until she was freed Saturday by a Walworth County detective and an FBI agent.

Wearing only pajamas, a housecoat and slippers, Braun would hold the cheeseburger against her body for warmth, she told family members.
I suspect the West Allis Murder of Anna Marie Lewandowski will be attributed to Keith Addy.
Charges Expected This Week In Murder Of Cudahy Woman
Suspect In Custody A Registered Sex Offender

POSTED: 9:42 a.m. CST March 10, 2003

Charges could be determined as early as Monday in the murder of a 19-year-old Cudahy woman.

The body of Anna Marie Lewandowski was found in a Dumpster outside a West Allis apartment building early Friday.

Police said they believe she was at the apartment building willingly and they have no reason to believe she was abducted.

A 26-year old man who lives in the building is in custody.

Neighbors told 12 News that man was quiet and kept to himself. Many said they wondered why his windows were covered all year with pink insulation board.

His name has not been released because he hasn't been formally charged.

The suspect is a registered sex offender.

West Allis Police Find Body In Dumpster
Man Taken Into Custody

POSTED: 2:59 p.m. CST March 7, 2003

WEST ALLIS, Wis. -- West Allis police are investigating a body found in a Dumpster outside an apartment building at 87th and National Friday morning.

People who live in the building said that they've had suspicions about a man who lives upstairs

"He had insulation boards around windows. He never let any light into his apartment He was just kind of peculiar," neighbor Lorelie Sopel said.

Police took that same man into custody Friday morning and obtained a warrant to search his apartment.

One tenant told 12 News reporter John Atwater that he helped that man with a strange container of trash Thursday. Now, he's wondering what may have been inside.

"It was like a big garbage thing. It was heavy. I went down to help him throw it in the Dumpster. He didn't let the garbage bag go or anything. The whole thing went in. He said leave it in there," Dennis Berkley said.

Friday morning, the yellow tape went up, that Dumpster was hauled away and a missing woman's car (pictured, right) towed away.

That missing woman is a 19-year-old Cudahy woman.

She was last seen Thursday at 12 p.m. and her sister told 12 News reporter John Atwater she was headed to the apartment building at 87th and National to visit a man.
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Traffic violation with National Ave addressccap1

Battery Chargesccap2

Restraining Orderccap3


Sexual Assault of a minor Wi Statute 948.02(2)ccap5


Keith Addy
Registrant: KEITH M ADDY
DOC ID#: 00289575
Alias(es): None Reported

Gender: M
Age: 26

Description Detail

Eye color:
Hair color:
5 FT 10 IN

Offense Requiring Registration
Conviction date:
Conviction county:
Conviction state:
Criminal code:
940.225(3) : Third-Degree Sexual Assault

Sex Offender Registry Status
Registration begin:
Registration end:
Compliance status:

Note: Compliance indicates whether offender has responded to last contact letter from Sex Offender Registry Program.

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Sex Offender Registry Program: DOC SORP ADMINISTRATION
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